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An extended WiX bootstrapper Application based on the WiX standard bootstrapper application.


This version has the following enhancements over the standard code:

  • Resized HyperlinkLicense and RtfLicense so they are the same size as the default WiX UI – this is useful if you need to show an MSI internal UI.
  • Add welcome message to HyperlinkLicense install page.
  • Add support for Radio buttons on the option and install pages.
  • Add support for checkboxes on the install page (they are already supported on the options page).
  • Add support for second directory folder on the option page.
  • Add Hyperlink2Theme theme (and example) that supports a larger logo on the install page (see images below).
  • Add example textbox on the options page (this is part of the standard BA but not documented).
  • Added install version number to HyperlinkLicense install page.
  • Reformat the RtfLicense to have flat licence textbox.
  • Add preprocessor instruction to create an auto increment version (like the C# AssemblyInfo format 1.0.*)
  • Support for Bundle self-updates
  • Support for external functions in the extension UI.
  • Support for disabling controls based on conditions.





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