More callback functions

Nov 17, 2013 at 3:38 PM
first I will thank you for this project, it's really helpful.
For my installer bundle I needed more callback functions, to have finer control over the installation.
So I have added the following callback functions to IBootstrapperBAFunction (what is really working fine):

STDMETHOD(OnDetectMsiFeature)(__in_z LPCWSTR wzPackageId, __in_z LPCWSTR wzFeatureId, __in BOOTSTRAPPER_FEATURE_STATE state) = 0;
STDMETHOD(OnDetectPackageComplete)(__in LPCWSTR wzPackageId, __in HRESULT hrStatus, __in BOOTSTRAPPER_PACKAGE_STATE state) = 0;
STDMETHOD(OnPlanMsiFeature)(__in_z LPCWSTR wzPackageId, __in_z LPCWSTR wzFeatureId, __inout BOOTSTRAPPER_FEATURE_STATE* pRequestedState) = 0;
STDMETHOD(OnPlanPackageBegin)(__in_z LPCWSTR wzPackageId, __inout BOOTSTRAPPER_REQUEST_STATE *pRequestState) = 0;

Could you also add these to your project?
I expect there will be more people who need something like this ...

Nov 19, 2013 at 7:14 AM
Could you explain what these would be used for? The interfaces I added where mainly for interacting with the UI, these seem to be too late to do that.